Aquarius man Taurus woman Compatibility

Aquarius man Taurus woman are people from two entirely different worlds. Despite this fact, there can be similarity and connection between their rulers. Their connection is very challenging; this is a relationship where both could fall in love continually every single day. They are two outcasts, different in all ways but standing out together. They have understanding of diversity, change of direction and the excitement that is brought by love in any relation. They rarely understand each other because Taurus needs peace and Aquarius is looking for thrill.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Love & relationship compatibility

The combination of Taurus and Aquarius is different than those of other zodiac signs. For Taurus woman, constancy and dependability in relations is valuable. While, Aquarius man  resists doing those things that are true and already tried. The woman desires of a simple, sensual and comfortable love connection. Her lover also knows how to stick with the situation and avoid complications so they can live together. The man is creative thinker with a deep insight into the way humans interact. It makes his perceptions clear on the reasoning about things. He understands the history and the upcoming future of things clearly. People may think his views as outlandish but he seems to be dedicated to them. He is a friendly person by nature and really helpful. At times, he may become indifferent and detached but generally he is loving and warm enough to keep his lady happy. When he is in a love relationship, he proves to be highly friendly and charming who speaks to cheer up the woman often.

The Taurus woman is firm and has all those qualities a man looks around for in a woman. She is emotionally and morally courageous than normal women but she has the capability of showing occasional fury storms. Her stubbornness is known to the world. She is gracious and impressive and makes her a perfect woman on every occasion. When she is in a love bond, she is supportive and perfectly loyal. If her lover gives her full affection and proper amount of attention, her possessiveness and jealousy can be avoided easily. When she falls in love, she does not focus on the romantic side only. She believes that commitment and stability are significant and she considers that relation for a lifetime. She is not the woman who likes superficial flirtations with men.

She is serious in love connection and tries to make it as stable as she can. Her compassion makes her a great person. She has all the attributes to take care of her man. She may appear funny sometimes and stubborn at other occasions but she is always focused. She loves exotic scents. She knows how to make her easygoing Aquarius man happy.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Problems

The most difficult traits of Taurus are self-criticism and guilt. Aquarius has nothing like that and he finds these things as obsolete. He is happy-go-lucky person. The strict Aquarius opinion can scare Taurus to a place where they feel impossible to express their emotions. There can be a circle of lies and lack of trust that is hard to repair. The inflexibility in Aquarius makes relation quite difficult to manage. For others, Aquarius is open minded but as partner he can behave stern and rigid.

To create an air of trust, Taurus has to be brave and stop considering the results of everything she says, while Aquarius should let go of his righteous attitude. He should be careful about the way Taurus feels in his presence. He must be a bit self-conscious when going in front of his beloved. Sometimes, the narrow minded Taurus woman is unable to see the true possibilities of the material world. She can bring down her Aquarius lover to the point where they don’t see that their dreams are going to come true.

Things become difficult. If Taurus understands her partner’s need to fly, she can actually help him materialize what he is been dreaming of. Aquarius usually finds that Taurus is not the right person to talk to. She is slow, boring and has a truly ‘small town’ attitude. It hampers the progress of their civilization.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Friendship

When it comes to friendship, Taurus woman is a true friend who loves to talk and gossip. She tries to explore her Aquarius friend in her own style. She can be furious and stubborn sometimes but this is only temporary. It’s easy to handle her with wisdom and intelligence.

The man likes to be in a friendship bond and he admires his woman. As Air and Earth elements come into contact, they can be too apart that they don’t find any topic to discuss about. The sign of Taurus brings Uranus to its fall and all the vibrant ideas that Aquarius  Man has seem to vanish in the reality given by his Taurus woman.

Aquarius man Taurus woman In bed

The soft, smooth and slow nature of Taurus can be ridiculously annoyed by the changeable and uncommon nature of Aquarius. Most of the times, they have no attraction for each other and they think the other person as boring and crazy. But there is possibility that they blossom fully during intimacy. When the softness of Taurus is projected on the independent and distant partner, the creative and motivating side gets activated that gives a unique type of energy and speed to the gentle Taurus.

They could have a sex life different from each other. If they only share emotion and respect there can be two outcasts. Both are in search of different things in physical relation to begin with. Taurus looks for secure and robust partnership, while Aquarius wants to be free of any worldly attachments or emotional connections. It’s quite hard for both to mend their disparities or keep them out of their sexual world. They won’t feel like themselves in a relation with disregard of their primal needs.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Romance Compatibility

There is a lucky thing in the relationship of Taurus and Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius can lift up spirits of Venus. Taurus rarely falls in love with an Aquarius because they don’t’ recognize their ruler in a good context. Aquarius is at a long distance and without excitement, some other signs may offer, they will not exactly feel the thrill of being in love with a stubborn Taurus. They can get tricked by the middle ground between them.

When in a romantic relation, the Taurus sees the stable Saturn side of Aquarius, the Aquarius recognizes the inner child in his Taurus beloved. They can discover that they do belong together even though it is against the odds. They are not so romantic because Taurus is subtle by nature and Aquarius is care-free person.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Marriage Compatibility

When Taurus is not stressed out by her Aquarius partner and relation is going smooth, there are high chances of them getting married. They may decide to stay with each other for a lifetime. Taurus is family oriented and loves art. Her home is always decorated with stunning pieces and embellishments. She values material things and grounded behavior.

Her husband values freedom and liberty from any form or shape. Taurus wants to be tied down and cozy in her couch but Aquarius is dying to fly. There are not much activities they both can share but they accept difference of their goals because there’s a truth and good side in both approaches to life. Although it’s possible for them to find certain things that they can value together.

When they think of creating similar things through Aquarius perspective and practical realization of Taurus, their marital bond can really work. It’s not an ideal partnership in any way but when they come to a common point, the relationship can work. It’s true there are huge differences and small things can become disastrous. It’s not an ideal couple according to experts.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Fight Compatibility

There are too many huge differences between Taurus and Aquarius that are difficult to reconcile but when they fall in love or come into any relationship, things get even worse. At that time, petty issues can become a huge problem and a reason of fight.

Aquarius man Taurus woman Breakup Compatibility

When the disparities grow beyond expectations and situation is totally out of control. Even minor issues can become the reason of their breakup. Because Taurus and Aquarius have so many differences that cannot be mend easily, there are high chances of their parting ways and ending up the relation for good. Their goals and likes are totally the opposite. If

Aquarius wants to buy an apartment on 10th floor, the Taurus is yearning for a white picket fence. When Taurus looks for compassion, Aquarius becomes careless about opinions of other. When Taurus is in a mood of going by foot, her man is trying to buy an airplane ticket. Generally, they can find in a short time that they are not made for each other. This can lead to their breakup.

If Aquarius man Taurus woman have enough flexibility and deep understanding of the differences they have with enough openness to do things, the relationship can come towards stability.

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