Cancer Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

Cancer man Taurus woman are the softest couple of the zodiac. When they are together, they feel really good and find no reason to separate. They share same emotional goals of love, family, understanding and feeling of home. Their relationship is strong and they have too much emotional baggage that makes them unable to receive and give this depth of feeling. Even when hey do, with no barriers on the way, they will likely learn to forget and forgive as the flow of their relation takes them to what they always wished for.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love & relationship compatibility

When Cancer Man Taurus Woman are in a love connection, the basis of their relation is completely on the feelings of the partner. They rarely care about themselves and entirely focus on their lover’s emotions. They can’t hide anything from one another because of their sharp sixth sense. It’s not easy to break their relation because its foundations are laid on solid grounds. In most of the cases, none of them can ever imagine to betray their partner. They share same goal which is love, family and home.

The cancer man is sentimental and intuitive soul who is always occupied with doubts and vague worries. He is looking for a partner who can respect his depth of feeling and brings some sort of stability into his life. He wants a support in the times of trouble. The Taurus lady is down to earth and sensible. She is fully capable of doing exactly what her lover wants. She is also searching for someone who wants to make a strong commitment. A person who can spark her hidden depths. He is the man who fits here. He brings out the feelings of her, while she helps to soak up the worst excess of his emotions.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Problems

Taurus woman is stubborn to a great extent. She can be angry at times which can ruin a relationship. She can become horrible when things are not going as she wants.Although both have too many things in common. There can be a certain type of divergence in their view of material world. Cancer is a water sign who focuses more on the value of feelings, while Taurus pays attention to financial security.

The Taurus can feel fear when it comes to their material existence being in question. For Cancer, it may be superficial for he has a tendency to think of material reality in an idealistic manner. It’s better if they settle the issues in the beginning especially when they have a family.

The love of Cancer man to his kids combined with his desire to give them everything they require, easily moves his perspective and teaches him about the value of money. There is one danger in the union of this couple. They can cut off from the outer world and totally get wrapped in each other. It makes them vulnerable in tough times. Because none of them will have enough external support. It takes some effort but they are advised to cultivate their own friendships while keeping their romance alive.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Friendship

Cancer Man Taurus Woman can be nice friends. They love sharing every single activity they think of. But this is sometimes not an activity in true sense. Mostly, when they both have tough jobs, they will share activity of eating, sleeping or sitting idle. It is not that both are lazy, but they have higher need for the pleasure of rest. When this need is shared, apparently it seems to double and grow beyond their rational minds. They like exchange of gifts and love dining out.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman In bed

People may think that Cancer and Taurus are two of the most asexual signs in the whole Zodiac. This is an instinctive assumption that is based on the fact that both signs don’t care for Mars very much. They don’t pay attention to instinctive intercourse. They probably would never have sexual urge for the sake of it but this doesn’t mean they are asexual and cold.

Taurus is all about physical pleasure. Its ruler is Venus which is the planet of feminine sexuality. She needs to approach her sexual experiences with the same studiousness with which she would approach any other thing in her life. She needs to see touch, feel and sense everything on her partner’s body and enjoy making her satisfied. Cancer needs closeness and lacks the ability to make their sex life carefree, Taurus seems to have the perfect taste to relax her and build trust worthy physical relationship. With lack of Mars, there is lack of initiative.

This can be an issue when it comes to intimacy. When both don’t have a sexual drive stronger than their craving for food, they can end up in asexual relation. They can lie around the house, eat and cook but don’t have intimate activities.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Romance Compatibility

It’s a fact that Cancer and Taurus are the rulers of whole emotional earthly world. It’s not only because they are sensitive, but the combination of their sentimental expression is totally unimaginable. Cancer feels, senses and takes good care of his Taurus beloved in the emotional realm. Taurus gives love back through physical softness, material security and gentle touch of practical sense that he is in need of. When the cycle is repeated multiple times, their romance seems like a chain reaction that is absolutely unstoppable. When they meet in supporting situation, they don’t need to fight for each other or the possibility of their romance.

Every emotion is build up on the previous one and things between them go smoothly. But if they face any barriers before their love for each begins, they will be discouraged and will not discover what they may have felt if only they had fought for each other. When they are in romantic mood, they have all the energy to fight for their lover, no matter how many obstacles they face on the way.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Marriage

In most cases, Cancer and Taurus value peace and life. Since Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is exalted in Taurus, they both deeply value all those things that the Moon represents. These are compassion, family, bliss and understanding. They have quite a lot in common, so their marriage has some potential right from the beginning. It’s not all plain sailing and there are some hardships that they have to face like in all marriages. However, once they settle down together, their compatibility becomes quite an insular and they never think of parting their ways. They are both quiet and humble persons.

They enjoy privacy and never shout on each other. They like going out for dinner only two of them rather than with kids or crown of friends. They are both extremely kindhearted, so this is a gentle union to begin with. Although, Cancer is a water sign, it is the most earth-like of all water signs. Taurus is an earth sign, it is the most water like of all earth signs. So, this earth-water match gets off to a perfect start. Their relation flourished because the couple deeply understands one another.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Fight

For Cancer Man Taurus Woman, there are no problems in the beginning of relation. The real troubles occur years later when they begin taking each other for granted. After some time, the woman will loser her infinite amount of patience when the man goes into another tailspin over yet another imagined worry.

For his part, he is likely to feel wounded and hurt when she ignores his concerns and insists that things are going smooth. He needs to explore his worries rather than brushing them aside in order to remain internally peaceful and happy. This can bring them to a heated debate that can convince both to fight. Another issue they may face is of possessiveness. They have some kind of jealousy in them.

The man may become quite clingy and the woman is extremely possessive. So either of them may feel slighted by the little amount of flirting, even when it’s absolutely harmless to them. They don’t get angry readily. But, when they do they lose their tempers. It becomes a sight to behold and both have the capability of deeply hurting the other with harsh words and intense phrases.

Cancer Man Taurus Woman Breakup

Sometimes, thing go out of control. Although, the man and woman enjoy marriage, romance, love and friendship. They have common goals which they have to attain. They make continuous effort to make the relation smooth. But as in every match, there are hardships. Sometimes, the stubbornness of Taurus can be too annoying for her lover.

They can simply indulge in towering arguments and heated debates. It can force them to cut off and find another partner. The reason of their breakup can be multiple. But they gently say good bye to each other and part their ways. Cancer man Taurus woman breakup is not like children fight and then stop talking to each other. They sensibly take this decision and remain firm.

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