Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

Gemini man Taurus woman relationship isn’t really promising to begin with. Still the fixed quality of the Taurus can make it enduring and persistent to last in her intent to be with a Gemini man. They can get along with each for a long time to develop proper understanding. The chances to mend their differences are narrow.

If Taurus puts her whole heart into it, she might manage to become the most relevant part of her Gemini partner’s life. She can be the base and reliability in everything he does. When they are willing to accept each other fully, Taurus gives Gemini their connection to planet Earth, to their body and daily routine. It provides a foundation for health and normal functioning which is important. In the same way, Gemini will give his Taurus wings and make her learn how to fly. Venus and Mercury are the ruling planets.

Gemini man Taurus woman Love & relationship compatibility

When Taurus woman and Gemini man are in love affair, they must be careful to take time to learn all the aspects of their relation. They should also know how to get along with each other in the best possible manner.

They have much to give to their partner and much to learn in this relation. Because of too many differences, they will have to make some adjustments and effort on both sides. They may also need to compromise somewhere in life to make their love bond enduring and enjoyable. Taurus is loyal and committed.

Gemini man Taurus woman Problems

There can be many issues between Taurus woman and Gemini man. The lady is used to deeply examine every aspect of a thing before taking an action. She looks into the matter from the beginning to the end. For her,everything has to be perfect. She finds out the pros and cons before deciding on anything. On the other hand, her partner likes doing things with speed. He can’t wait and see to weigh the good and bad side. He just rushes to achieve something in life.

He is not patient at all. The habit of his woman examining deeply drives him crazy. He doesn’t feel good about her because of her patience and thorough analysis. It’s better if Gemini is kept grounded while Taurus needs to move on rather than staying static, inert and in horizontal phase. They can connect their enthusiastic natures through some type of art, especially if they can make an art piece together. Gemini would give ideas and Taurus can come up with practical solutions. They can make a beautiful work of art.

Gemini is multifaceted. He values his freedom and ability to roam freely. If his Taurus partner is unable to give him space to be who he is, he will run for the hills. The relation can suffer and will be over before it even starts. Moreover, trust can be a real issue with them. Gemini isn’t reliable at all when someone tries to tie him down.

Taurus, in most cases is dependable and keeps her words. If they don’t lay the foundation of their new relation on clear and faithful grounds, where the first thing they learn about each other will be the level of commitment both want, a real issue with trust will surely occur.

Gemini man Taurus woman Friendship

They can be good friends. They can find activities to enjoy but not at the same pace. Gemini likes doing things in speed. The exciting Taurus carefully examines everything from the start to the end point. She sets the value on each activity and thoroughly decides if she would like to repeat it or not. Taurus is a sign which precedes Gemini.

In astrological sense, the sign of Gemini wouldn’t exist if Taurus wasn’t there. Gemini partner wouldn’t do much if their needs are not met. This is where the connection becomes the strongest. It’s really easy for an Air sign like Gemini to forget to have lunch or sleep. There are too many fascinating things around that he doesn’t want to miss.

Gemini man Taurus woman In bed

Taurus is highly sensual and tender. She is irresistible for her partner. She enjoys long passionate lovemaking and Gemini wants to feel connected in bed. With a Gemini it’s just a lot of intercourse. Although, they are not on the same level intimately, they can still have a good memorable experience. He wants a sexy woman, and she is looking for a sensual man. In a short time, they both come to know that they can’t force the chemistry beneath the sheets. Even when their physical relation doesn’t work out the way it should be, she can learn very interesting facts about their compatibility.

Taurus is a fixed sign. She likes to stay with one person, thing or place. She is loyal and expect the same amount of commitment in return which is her absolute right. Taurus has deep need for physical touch and bodily joys. Gemini wants intellectual stimulation and rarely cares that much about spending time in bed. It’s not as if he doesn’t need to be touched, he surely does. But he has to know that he is loved and accepted in many different ways and touch is simply one of those. He is one of the Air signs and in his world, thoughts have to be preoccupied, while strong communication is something that makes good sex life possible.

Taurus can stay home, in bed all day long cuddling with her lover and ordering food. While, Gemini will like to go out and be intimate on public places. It can lead to some problems. The Gemini gets bored and Taurus is annoyed by his lack of emotional sense.

Gemini man Taurus woman Romance Compatibility

It’s not likely that Taurus and Gemini will share their feelings openly and enjoy each other the way they may do with other zodiac signs. Still, there’s gentle side of Taurus that can melt down the cold hearts. Most of the times, their best opportunity of a romantic connection is in the love Taurus experiences. It doesn’t mean that Gemini man is unemotional or insensitive. But he definitely has different approach to their emotional nature than the Earth sign of Taurus which exalts the Moon. When Taurus is in romantic mood with Gemini, she would do anything to understand his nature. There’s nothing that a soft nature of Taurus is unable to understand. However it may be different from her personal primal character. When her man feels this stable and deep understanding, he responds in a warm and childish way, learning that he can be free even when doing romance with his beloved.

Gemini man Taurus woman Marriage

Taurus values the Earth, the material world, her feelings and what is stable in her life. Gemini values the Universe, the world of ideas, his rational mind and diversity. This is the point where their disparities and element natures strongly diverge. They have to work hard to accept the true value of both their worlds to work out their differences. Taurus woman can cook a healthy meal, take care of her finances and insist on a daily schedule that will give Gemini a good energetic base to invest in his ideas.

Generally, their interests are not similar. But they can find a way to keep things going smooth after marriage. If their communication is strong, they can live happily. If Gemini tries to slow down a bit and stops rushing for things and Taurus opens up, they can come to a common point. This can allow them having fun together and keep up with the pace of each other.

Gemini man Taurus woman Fight

Gemini partner can begin thinking of excuses to get out of any responsibility imposed on him by Taurus, to avoid hurting her feelings. In response, Taurus will feel something is wrong and start obsessing about her partner’s behavior and the words he speaks. It can bring their relation to the point of complete distrust between them especially when Taurus woman gets angry and vindictive in her usual stubborn and passive style. Fights and heated debates can often take place.

But Taurus remains placid. She doesn’t yell or shout louder. Her stability and patience is shown here. She is a mature person who knows how to fix the situation. If Gemini behaves well, keeps his promises, becomes loyal towards his beloved and accepts responsibility happily; things can become easier for both. The scuffles can be avoided easily.

Gemini man Taurus woman Breakup

In every relationship, ups and downs occur. When things go totally out of control, they can think of ending up the relation. When Gemini doesn’t accept any responsibility given by Taurus and is continually giving excuses, the debates can be heated up. When he moves freely, with full speed and isn’t willing to slow down to keep up with the pace of his partner, the situation can get worse. She can go crazy and find him difficult to change according to her wishes. It’s the moment where they want to leave one another and part their ways.

Gemini man Taurus woman should quit and find another partner.

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