How do you know if a Taurus Man doesn’t like you?

When he’s into someone or likes them as a friend, he will be more warm and generous with his time. If he doesn’t like you; he has no time for you. His body will reflect how he feels. If you try to reach out to touch his hand while handing him something, you’ll feel his awkward pull back.

When a Taurus is not interested in you or flat out doesn’t like you; he’ll act as though you do not exist. Literally he could walk by and not even notice you sitting there.

You may wonder if he’s doing that on purpose but most of the time he isn’t. He’s just really not paying you any attention and doesn’t notice your existence. Strange I know but that’s how they are.

Now if he doesn’t like you because you’ve done something to make him ice you out; you can expect that he will avoid you like the plague. He will not want any chance of confrontation.

It’s the matter of being able to know the difference in if he is upset with you or if he just doesn’t “see” you.

If you still aren’t sure if that Taurus you’ve been watching likes you or doesn’t like you; watch his body language. His actions will always speak loudly about his intent and what he wants.

If he shows you his backside often, he doesn’t like you. If he won’t walk anywhere near you or acts a bit awkward, he probably doesn’t like you. There isn’t any gray area with these men.

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