Leo man Taurus woman Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo man Taurus woman can be aggressively challenging. Venus and Sun rule their warm nature. They are both fix signs but entirely different in nature. If they have enough patience before they enter into any relationship, they get a chance to become archetypal couple of a boy or a girl. When their feminine and masculine principles are well- balanced, they use them to mend their intellectual, financial and physical circumstances. At that time, they really enjoy the company of each other.

Leo Man Taurus Woman Love & Relationship Compatibility

The relationship between a Leo man Taurus woman is quite interesting in many ways. It has its own plus points as well as weaknesses. Earth signs and fire signs are not natural partners. But the relationship can work perfectly fine if both lovers learn to respect their different lifestyle. Both of these partners have fixed signs. When two fixed signs are in love, there is n awful resistance to change and stubbornness. They are both happy to be what they are. Both resent any effort their partner makes to change them. Leo is authoritative person who is bossy everywhere.

The Taurus lady is less flamboyant but has intellect and inner strengths. She gets things done her own way. Taurus is highly sentimental. When they don’t close up and live in their own small, safe material world. Leo is passionate that represents love as a power of creation and an interesting feeling. They are both icons of love in their own specific ways. When they are together, they feel great love for one another. You can view this as their mission to give love to the less fortunate zodiac signs.

Their emotional nature has to give more and take less. In most cases, they don’t readily fall in love with each other. There are high chances that both stay in their own world. They don’t merge and mingle. This is not because there’s some sort of hostility but because they are like two opposite sides of the same coin. They have different nature and their own goals to attain. They are in need of someone closer to their world to support them. They are not like floating island which is looking for someone to merge with. They are stable on their own. When they share their feelings, it’s a good sign.

Leo man Taurus woman Problems

Because Leo is the boss, his fiery temper can emerge and ruin the relationship. Hit outbursts won’t have the effect he hopes for on his lady. Rather than giving in to his command, she will simply frown at his will and walk away. She’ll get back to her work without taking care what he is asking or saying. She might sulk but she would not shout.

She has a strong memory, so the Leo will find that his outbursts can be brought back up again months or years later when it’s suitable for the woman to remind him. Both find other’s way of dealing with altercation as frustrating which is not good for their compatibility.

The Taurus woman can be highly possessive in love and quite jealous but her lover doesn’t mind this. When the man grows tired of his woman’s cautious and stable nature.

He may simply get bored of his partnership, despite his woman’s earthy sensuality. The woman can also get bored of having to flatter her man’s ego. She may be scorched too often by his temper. There are no chances of long term compatibility and inspirational relationship.

Leo man Taurus woman Friendship

Leo is very sensual and passionate in friendship. The Taurus woman is artistic, practical and stable in her approach towards this relation. They both enjoy cuddling and hugging each other. They shower their love but in different manner. The Leo acts like a king and tries to lift her up to become his queen.

There’s mutual honesty, loyalty, respect and love in their friendship which make this bond one of the most beautiful on earth. The man engages all of her sense and brings joy where they enjoy their union to a great extent. There may be heated arguments but they are quickly resolved because Leo is broad-minded and doesn’t show attitude on petty issues in life.

Leo man Taurus woman In bed

The intimacy between Leo man Taurus woman can be in a way exhausting for both. This is because they can both act lazily. When the woman likes to lie down and being cuddled,

Leo prefers to lie down and be served and taken care of. They naturally want to spend time in horizontal pose. It can be difficult for them to agree on who’s going to be on top. When there is motivation, they can be true lovers who invest plenty of energy into their sexual intercourse. But with one another, their sex life is a fight for rest and personal satisfaction.

Their healthy sex life will be the one where both have built their identity and know how to satisfy themselves in the best way. In this regard, the sensual Taurus will take good care of her Leo lover, while passionate Leo will bring excitement to their intimate moments. So, they will both take care of their personal needs. They know that they should commit to their partner’s satisfaction to make this relationship work.

Generally, they are a masculine and a feminine sign. They share same need for personal satisfaction. If they don’t end up in a clinch where both have expectations and don’t’ move until they are met, they can have a rewarding sex life. They are only two different sides of joy, love and life.

Leo man Taurus woman Romance Compatibility

Taurus woman has a strong romantic steak. She adores her man’s ability to make her feel special and cherished. The man wants a woman who will adore him and let him know that he is also adored. It makes their romance go well. The woman pays lots of attention to him and shows her full affection which is also suitable for him. It’s a creative relationship. This couple enjoys cultural events and dining out together. They spend generously. But their compatibility is not as good for the bank account.

Leo man Taurus woman Marriage

Both share various activities together as life partners. They lie down, sleep, dine out and cuddle or they do things separately without each other. Taurus is reserved but loves to spend time on her couch while it’s raining outside and she hears the sweet sound of fireplace. Leo is guided by his nature. A lion sleeps for 20 hours a day and then plays for the rest of the day. Even the fiercest of lions wait for their lioness to serve their food. They love going to fancy restaurants. This is where Leo comes in and acts as a gallant persons that deserves the best. Taurus can enjoy good food at the same time. They may not have many activities to share but if they are in good mood and not so stubborn, they can enjoy everything that is not too demanding.

Taurus has a unique aesthetic sense and loves to decorate her house. She is family- oriented woman who also takes special care that her finances go well. She likes to do art work and has lots of artistic pieces at her house. When they are both in marital bond they feel an instant attraction from the time of their very first meeting.

Leo is playful and flirtatious while she is cautious and reserved. He is the real essence of the party and commands attention. He shares his life with passion with her. Even she is quiet and reserved, she is appreciative of the finer things in life. They enjoy their marriage but it’s not necessary that the relation lasts for a life time.

Leo man is highly protective in nature and often shows his gratitude towards her. He does his best to make his wife feel secure. She is unable to resist his charming nature and she also gives him an alluring experience and shows the attractive side of her personality.

Leo man Taurus woman Fight

When fight erupts, they don’t shout at each other. Taurus stays stable and Leo becomes intense. They don’t fall from grace during arguments. The man is quite open minded and he never gets angry on small things. Woman is also sensible. There can be heated debates between the two but then fire fizzles out easily.

Leo man Taurus woman Breakup

It may be hard for the woman to accept the outgoing personality of her lover and his constant need of the spotlight. This can lead to scuffles and their compatibility can go to the lowest point. If things aren’t controlled at initial stages, the fire can rise up. It can result into a breakup. There can be various reasons of their parting ways but it would have been better if they had figured out the real bone of contention in the beginning. The love and care Leo man Taurus woman once had for each other, vanishes completely. They become strangers for one another with no soft corner in their hearts for their ex-lovers.

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