Top 5 Qualities of Taurus Woman Which Makes Her Different From Others

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac signs which range from April 21 to May 21. Taurus

are strong headed people and the Bull represents their sign. Their ruling planet is Venus.

Women belonging to this sign can be called someone who is flourished well with both

beauties as well as brains. Affectionate to art and natural beauty, a Taurus woman is proud

of what she is! Responsible, independent, proud, innocent, furious and soft, all these are

few of her well-known traits.

A Taurus woman is more creative than intellectual. She likes to be in a calm and peaceful

environment, also because of her this nature she has a tremendous quality of being

patient. She is good at resolving things because of her harmonious approach towards life.

Changes don’t tempt her much, she is more inclined to live a stable life than a dynamic


1: She believes in traditional romance.

Though the modern trends are constantly changing the idea of romance, a Taurus woman

still finds the traditional romance the best. It makes her soul happy when she gets those

conventional flowers, chocolates, and romantic dates. No, this is not because they appear

beautiful but it is the effort of the person which charms her. When in love, a Taurean

woman has a continuous glow and her eyes reflect her passion for her love. She can go to

any extent to make her beloved one happy. She takes her time to introspect about her

feelings about that person but when she gets sure about her love, she would give all of her

efforts to build a happy relationship.

2: She is sensitive, indeed.

A Taurus woman can be very well described taking an example of a coconut as she may

seem to be protective and hard but she is extremely sensitive inside. She doesn’t believe in

filters while talking to someone so she takes their words as it is, which may hurt her

deeply. She perceives things on what it appears to be so if you’re thinking you can get the

attention of her by being rude to her, she won’t…instead, she would make distance with

you. She is delicate as a person because she holds a sensitive soul. Being sensitive doesn’t

mean that she can’t handle emotional outbreaks. She is good at handling stress, this

includes stress from her professional as well as personal relationships.

3: She admires Expensive things.

All the beautiful and heavenly looking things in the world, genuinely attract a  Taurus

woman. This could be that alluring designer outfit or that fanciable decoration on the ice-

cream! She believes to live her life in the best possible luxurious way. She gives her fullest

to her job and career so that she can earn well and eventually spend on those lavish

things. Expensive things are not just things to her, she understands the value of money.

This means that she knows that if something is expensive, it must be having some worthy

qualities. Nature attracts her too, she wants to live in a vivid and comfortable environment!

4: She is stubborn beyond limits.

This is the highlighting point of Taurus woman. She is extremely stubborn, she won’t do or

change anything unless and until her conscious allows her. This can also be a negative

aspect of her because, with utter stubbornness, she also has a fiery temper which may turn

situations against her. On the other hand, this stubborn attitude makes her determined

towards whatever she wants to achieve in life.  She is never afraid to take up the lead and

work on new projects. She doesn’t like to get indulged in fights in disputes, but pushing her

limits is extremely dangerous. Women belonging to this sign are proud because they know

what’s right for them, they trust themselves thus want to enjoy to live independently.

5: She is actually a BFF

Many girls tag each other in the ‘Best Friend Forever’ quotes but all those friendships take a

back seat after school/college life gets over! But Taurus is one of those few friends who

seriously deserve that BFF title. She makes a forever bond because of her intense

dedication towards friendships. To be with a Taurean girl is easy! She appreciates the

efforts and company of her loved one. Also, she needs a lot of tender care and love in any

relationship, be it with friends or family. Loyalty and honesty are what she desires to have

in any relationship to keep those relationships forever. She wants real people around her,

not someone who is pretending to be someone else.

Taurus is actually one of the most feminine signs of all the zodiacs sign. Though she likes

all those expensive stuff the materialistic things lose their value when it comes to

relationships. She doesn’t necessarily require expensive gift by friends on her birthday

because she is happy with their presence only. Sympathy is something she doesn’t like, she

likes to be nurtured but not to be confused care with sympathy. She is good at staying with

friends but she likes to work alone. Not many know that she’s an introvert at heart! She

needs to have a proper ‘ME’ time after a social gathering. Get the special ‘Taurus’ stuff here

and flaunt yourself for being a proud Taurean woman.

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