Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility

Scorpio woman Taurus man are both signs of deep physical pleasure and each of them in its own manner. This is the focus of their connection, because they can’t seem to understand platonic and imaginative relations when they are together. There is no such thing as platonic experience of romance when the entire point of romance is to have physical joy. It’s possible that they will create their life to the point where no other partner could ever satisfy their requirements. It can be a highly possessive relationship with no way out.

Although, they wouldn’t’ want to get out even if they have the power to do so. The whole experience can be quite gloomy for the Taurus man. Especially, if their practical sense is challenged by Scorpio woman. In case they are both independent and ready to blend with another person, they can be the perfect connection between emotional as well as sexual, the one everyone desires of.

Scorpio woman Taurus man Love & Relationship compatibility

Taurus is appreciated by all for its one trait and that is reliability. When someone assigns him any task he completes it with all his effort. He is stable, determined and dependable.

He is traditional at heart. He is highly emotional as well. He gives all his love to his beloved and likes to spend time with her. He can be quite possessive of his partner. When in love, he is quite romantic, loving and caring too. In fact, it is believed that no man can be like the soft and caring touch of a Taurus man in love. When he finds the right partner, he would want a stable, long-term relationship. At times, he can be possessive and jealous even if he is given assurance of commitment by his lady. Being the opposite signs of the zodiac, they are instantly pulled to each other like magnets do. When they are united, the sensual sentimental Taurus seems like a perfect match to the intense and passionate Scorpio woman. In a relationship, both look for commitment and loyalty.

A Scorpio woman is confident, mysterious and deep. She has enough inner strength and can face any trouble in life. She is emotional and at the same time quite sexy. She goes through all kinds of moods and is popularly known to be jealous dark and highly intuitive.

It’s hard for her partner to keep secrets from her. She can grasp anything as she is clever. She is good at keeping her secrets and it’s hard to let anything out of herself. Even her best friends aren’t able to tell what is she thinking and planning to do ahead.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Problems

Taurus man has a deep aversion for all types of change. Whether it’s his routine, clothing or food, he likes to keep things as they are. It’s nearly impossible to change his mind on anything. This trait can ruin his relations and cause arguments with partner. Another negative attribute is that he may act miserly because of his need to feel secure and stable all the time. On the other hand Scorpio woman also has a bad side. Although, she is loving and tender.

When she is betrayed by her partner, she never forgets that harsh experience and isn’t willing to forgive. This can lead to serious issues like breakup and so on. She needs to understand that to err is human. So, she should learn to move on. Forgiving is a good trait that she should adopt often to make sure her relation goes smooth.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Friendship

Scorpio woman Taurus man share some personality traits which make them compatible and good friends. For instance, whatever endeavor they take on, they are completely dedicated towards that. They are both ambitious and make effort to become successful. Although, the man needs encouragement from time to time, which the woman is ready to give. They thoroughly enjoy the company of each other and love spending time together.

They enjoy foods, dinners and exchange gifts happily like normal friends do. They can take their friendship to the next level of marriage bond. They are both passionate, emotional and stable. They are always attracted to each other like the opposite poles of the magnet. When they are together, they enjoy a lot.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man In bed

As in case of all opposite signs, Scorpio and Taurus can be crazy in love. They are madly attracted to one another. It is because of sexual nature of their signs. Taurus isn’t primarily linked to sexuality but it does represent sensuality. It’s a sign which governs physical pleasure. When they are in bed, their relation is kind of connection of deep feelings as well as sexuality that no other couple in Zodiac enjoys. Any sort of sexual frustration can lead to dark approach to their sex life. Scorpio has a depressive need to die naked and sweaty in the arms of her lover, while Taurus needs to be loved so much. In sexual encounter, there is no unsolved emotional issue. Both are happy and find their lovemaking experience as fantastic because it has all the emotions good or bad. In the end, feelings are the only thing left behind and intercourse becomes a way to connect rather than a means to physical satisfaction. It can be obsessive or even addictive for both. None of them would give up on the opportunity of such deep intimate environment.

As signs of fixed quality, when both unite, it’s impossible to separate them. No one would want to do that because they think of possible vengeance of Scorpio woman. They represent basic contact between sexual planets Mars and Venus. While being from the physical and emotional realms as an Earth and Water sign. They are the signification of a deeply close relation and very enjoyable sex experience. It’s possible when Scorpio is gentle enough and the man is willing to experiment with her to explore.

 Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Romance Compatibility

The romantic connection is really something to deserve. They are not imaginative but practical and emotional. They like to live in reality rather than fantasy. These two represent the axis of Moon’s special dignities, exalted in Taurus and fallen in Scorpio. They also have

Venus as a ruler on one hand the intense element of Water on the other. When they are in romance, they become an image of eternal love. There is no better personification of Had, the God of underworld in ancient Greece, and Persephone-an idea of immortal love that can never die. When they are in arms of each other, they cherish every moment. They are faithful to each other and love to share their feelings. They are absolutely compatible when it comes to romance. Taurus is sensual and Scorpio is intense which makes a nice combination.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Marriage

Scorpio woman Taurus man make up the perfect Zodiac match when it comes to marriage. They are easily capable of developing a long term partnership and building a life together. They are extremely loyal and take their time to make a relationship. It can be expected that a relationship between both will be enduring. They avoid flirtations and superficial romance.

Taurus takes care of the financial affairs and deals with the need to develop a smooth home life. Scorpio has the passion to her that keeps the relationship filled with love, especially when that includes home cooked food and fine beverages enjoyed in candlelight. Their marital relation is lasting and strong unlike any other couple. They are faithful and true to their words.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Fight

The Taurus man can be quite stubborn and the Scorpio woman can be extremely jealous. The main is laid back while the woman is always occupied with some intense emotional activity. They both have bad tempers. So, when they are having an argument it can be devastating. During fights, they lose tempers easily and begin enumerating the faults of the partner.

The debate goes on all night, for several days and weeks or even months leading to serious consequences. It’s better if they resolve conflicts as soon as they begin to occur. They can consult relationship counselor. Instead of finding another partner, it’s good to patch up with the existing one. They are mature and stable. They should understand the facts and act accordingly.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Breakup

When things go beyond control, and living together for Scorpio woman Taurus man  doesn’t seem to be possible anymore, it’s time to say good bye to one another. There can be many reasons for their breakup but they don’t’ act childish at that moment. They behave decently and try to be as nice as they can be. Although, the woman feels more hurt and downtrodden, she remains calm and placid. Even after they have separated their paths with each other, they don’t’ yell at the other person.

It’s quite rate that this couple could ever think of separation. Their relation is mostly enduring and lasting. They are comfortable with each other and loyal too. No matter what’s the cause behind their breakup, they let things go in a mature way.

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