Taurus are Hard Headed but can find Compromise with an Intelligent Soul

I am complex. I am almost impossible to understand. I am passionate yet unemotional. I don’t like clingy or confinement. I need space and lots of it, when I’m ready to be around others I will let it be known. I’m very open minded and free spirited.

I’m hard to lock clown but when you get me, you got me. I’m constantly yearning to learn more. I’m independent and don’t need others, yet sometimes I’m lonely and need companionship.

I’m loyal and have no problems cutting people out of my life at the blink of an eye. I am confident in my ways and witty. I am hard headed but can find compromise with an intelligent soul. I don’t care about your money, a good spirit is a much greater find. First capture my mind, intrigue me, capture my imagination and my heart will follow.

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