Taurus Horoscope May 28, 2018

Take care of the people around you, Taurus. Service to others is an important part of the

day, as compassion and caring are at the forefront of your mind. Take this opportunity to

become a reassuring caregiver for someone close who needs a nurturing shoulder. You’ll

win a great number of loyal friends to your side as you share your passionate nature with


A sponsorship deal with Adidas is canceled if it is found that a player has anything to do

with Scientology. You need to understand limitations of systems you are a part of

thoroughly if you wish to do something extraordinary and truly make a deep change.

It is clear that some information remains unreachable, but prejudice is present every step

of the way, and you’ll have to share some of your emotional content with others to make

them understand your ideas.

Something unexpected could happen at work now — something that could have you

working unexpectedly hard. It’s unfortunate, considering how much else you have to get

done — and how your mind is likely to be elsewhere. And just where is it? If the stars have

anything to say about the matter, it’s much more on your heart than on your job. Try to

tune in and be efficient about your tasks so you can get to the more interesting, romantic


You will enjoy the energy resulting from today’s planetary alignment. It encourages

socializing in the nicest possible way, and so would be an ideal time to organize any events

that you may have had in mind. Love may not leap out at you in a bold gesture of

surrender, but you could find that one conversation in particular makes you go a little weak

at the knees, and leaves you eager to find out more.

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