Taurus often Isolate themselves from groups, learning to rely on Themselves

Taurus are an enigma, wanting closeness while simultaneously fearing it, often placing alot of space / distance between themselves & others. Fear often stops them making those lasting connections.

They fear that they’ll open up, look like a fool and they’ll be rejected, Although they are friendly & communicative. it takes them a very long time to let others see the real person beyond their personality.

They are often viewed as emotionally detached by others. however they are highly sensitive and feel everything deeply. they just don’t know how to show it.

They are highly protective of their feelings and will fiercely guard their privacy. They care deeply but are unwilling to invest themselves emotionally in someone until trust has been gained.

They often isolate themselves from groups, learning to rely on themselves (promising themselves to never need anything from anyone, interpreting that as weakness). Due to that quality they often need to be in control of all things at all times. constantly proving their independence and self reliance.

They will connect more deeply with other air signs including Gemini and Libra and also the Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

Each of those signs will bring out the best in them. encouraging them to open up, embrace vulnerability and live their life authentically.

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