Taurus Woman Accepting of a Lot and will give People a Chance

She’s accepting of a lot and will give people a chance; she has a high curiosity level (that sometimes gets her in trouble); she tries her best to not be clingy, especially with her mate and expects the same in return;

she’s independent and original; boring people annoy her; she likes experiencing things life has to offer; she’ll always go with her point of view; her wrath is crazy.

In a relationship, the most important part is, efforts need to come from both sides. When someone gives you a “chance”, they are mostly expecting you, “ the one who has been given a chance” to take all the efforts! Because the one who is given a chance has to prove that he/she deserved a chance!

The one who gave the chance, already feels like he/she is a greater person, because he/she got to give a “chance”, someone was desperate to get a chance from them, someone wanted to prove them their worth (that makes them worthy already!)

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