10 Taurus Woman Positive and Negative Personality Traits

A Taurus woman is one of those ideal people who have the ability to make good impressions and with a nature like

hers she tends to have a heartwarming personality. Being with a Taurus woman is like having sunshine in your

clouded sky. She is a person who is patient and reliable. She can make flowers grow into your life. With an

independent nature she tends to be more active and outgoing. She likes to do her chores on her own without any

assistance. She a cool headed person, she doesn’t confuse her life with her problems but when she really gets pushed,

she flips out so quick that one can’t even do the countdown for it. There so much to a Taurus woman, the good and

the bad. So let’s explore her deeply.

10 Taurus Woman Positive and Negative Personality Traits and Characteristics:

Don’t confuse her in-dependency with feminism:

A Taurus woman is a strong and independent person, who doesn’t need any assistance when carrying out tasks,

she’d rather mind if you try to bother her when she’s really busy with her work. She is person of her own mind, she

has the ability to lead things like no one else but she’s a person who’d easily give up her leadership to someone else, if

she thinks they deserve it. She is a person who works tirelessly towards her goals and doesn’t let anyone be a stone in

her way towards it. A Taurus woman doesn’t rely on anyone except herself; she is a person who believes that one’s

fate is in their own hands. A Taurus woman will never give up what she has set her mind on until she achieves it.

She’d never rely on anyone for the daily chores, even family or her partner, rather she’d do them on her own and

won’t even complain about it to her family or partner.

It takes time and patience to get into her trusted circle:

A Taurus woman has a very warm and welcoming personality. She is a person everyone likes, a to-go person who

gets along with everyone because of her stable personality. People tend to like a Taurus woman because of her

stability. She is a person not too serious and not too giddy, just person with just the right amount of mirth which

compliments a her personality. It may seen that a Taurus woman has quite a big circle of friends but a she is a person

who hardly trusts people, she’s an outgoing and socializing person who tends to know many people but there are

only a few who make it to the her trusted circle. The trusted circle is very important to a Taurus woman, she’d do

almost anything for this circle and would expect the same but she easily get disappointed if they fail to fulfill her


You’re the diamond in her possession:

A Taurus woman is a love angel. She is a person who regards love as the ultimate reason of life. For a Taurus woman

love is the most important part of any relationship, love is the base on which the structure of any relationship stands.

She is a loyal till death kind of a partner, who thinks that there are no bounds to love as it can’t be counted in figures.

She always looks for that spark of love and respect between her and her partner but once she is all comfortable, you

may find it somewhat hard because a Taurus woman is possessive and you’ll have to deal with it. Sensual pleasure

pleases a Taurus woman more than anything. She is a person who doesn’t rushes but lives the moment fully to her


Ask her and you shall have it:

A Taurus woman is responsible beyond your beliefs, She is the most reliable person who you can even trust with your

life. She’s a person who’d never turn her back on you. A Taurus woman will always be there to help you. In case if you

call her at 2 a.m for a pack of milk, you shall have it even if she has to borrow it from her own neighbours. She’s a

humanitarian from nature, who likes to help people with all she can do and she’d always try to give her best. This is

the person you should call for in your darkest hours.

She hates when she has to compromise:

The one thing a Taurus woman doesn’t like to do is compromise. She is loving and understanding but when it comes

to what she wants to do and when something is being a stone in her way she hates it big time. She is a person who

likes to do what she wants, who like to live life to the fullest but when something like compromises try to block her

way and blur her vision, it offends her like nothing else.

If she wants it, she wants it:

A Taurus woman tends to be a very stubborn, once she has set her mind on something you can’t reverse it. She is a

person of great vision, an active person who set milestones for herself and would do anything to achieve them. It’ll

always be a difficult task to persuade a Taurus woman for something they don’t agree to.

She is somewhat a materialist too:

It can be said that a Taurus woman has a materialistic approach. When it comes to relationships the first thing she’ll

look for is wealth because one of the biggest insecurities a Taurus woman has is secure future and future prospects

and money is the most important thing for that.

She flips out so quick that one can’t even do the countdown for it:

Basically a Taurus woman is cool headed but sometimes when things go out of hand and she gets pushed then one

should get really for the battle that they started. She is a person who keeps her problems and her life side by side, she

has a way in which she don’t confuse one with the other.

She live two lives:

It is true that a Taurus woman is basically an introvert, being a part of an active and social life a Taurus woman

needs some time of her own, a personal life where she can get away from all the fuss, relax, gets stable and then once

again start with the her practical life.

Basically she’s a Diva!:

One can not challenge a Taurus woman for her devotion and commitment. She is the one if you are looking for

somebody with strong commitment and her devotion towards you. She is the person who will look for all your likes

and dislikes, who will take care of your wants and desires, who will be always there for you no matter what, who will

love you in ways you never ever thought of.

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