The Taurus Woman Is A Walking Contradiction

Taurus Woman

She will not lead you and she will not follow you. She will stand alone. She follows her own

path in life and knows when to act. She is self sufficient and would prefer to get things

done herself. She likes her own space and quiet time to rejuvenate. She always has a wall

up to protect herself from the big bad world. She’s not harsh she’s realistic. She will only

love you if she can trust you. Taurus is the builders of the zodiac. They will build and forge

successful careers and they will amass wealth and they will do this all on their own, without

anyone’s help.

The Taurus Woman Is A Walking Contradiction

1: She is placid yet passionate.

2: She is shy yet talkative.

3: She is quiet yet outspoken.

4: She is stubborn yet determined.

5: She is calm yet feisty.

6: She is studious yet sexy.

7: She is wholesome yet beautiful.

8: She is sensitive yet tough.

9: She is caring yet charming.

10: She is innocent yet shocking.

The bull woman is quite a handful but such a beautiful handful. Therefore weak men need

not apply. These women carry themselves quite well throughout their lives through tough

times as well as good, they need someone strong like themselves.

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