Why is Life Uncertain and Unpredictable for Taurus

Nobody knows why life is uncertain and unpredictable. I think the creator is intelligent enough to keep it that way. Uncertainty and unpredictability are the beauty of this creation. If the future of a person is predictable, do you think he will find any charm in living. If it was so designed that one can know what one will do in the morning, evening, tomorrow, next week, next year, and what are the good and bad things that are going to happen to that person in the coming days, then life will not only be dull and prosaic but shit-scary.

Unpredictability has many positive things attached to it. Supposing for some reason you are in a sullen mood and suddenly your closest friend or relative lands in your house, your mood changes and you talk enthusiastically with the guest, treat them to their heart’s content and by the time they leave in the evening, your mood will be on cloud nine.

Supposing your friend invites you to accompany their family for a one day tour next day, you will be highly elated. What if you knew in advance that he/she will invite you for a tour. There will not be any charm or elation or jubilation. Small small joys add VIBGYOR to life.

Creator has provided two greatest blessings to humankind. One is not to know the happenings in previous births and the second is what is going to happen the next moment. In the interest of the welfare of human beings, the creator has kept both past and future a closely guarded secret.

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